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Monthly Archives: June 2012


The motif was taken from my last exhibition at Christopher Cutts Gallery titled Re-tracings whose original sketch (when I was about four years old) accompanied a letter from my grandparents writing to apprise my parents about how I was acclimating to my new home in the Netherlands.

I just completed what amounts to the first serious reconsideration of my art practice that, dormant for some eight years or so, serves as a re-entry logically clad in heat deflecting metal. This “nomadic vehicle” is so named as the signifier of the resulting dislocations (physical and temporal) of one’s uncertain relationship with a world and identity. One’s transit begins from an equally uncertain place and is always in the process of arrival.

For the past eight years or so I have found it impossible to make any substantive inroads regarding my artistic practice, nor, it should be said, enjoyed prolonged periods of rigorous and in-depth conceptual analysis my work demands. (This period, it should be noted, was nonetheless filled with wonders and learning no art practice could compete with–that is, the inspiration those years yielded as primary care giver to he whom you watched come into this world.)

It wasn’t until I was actively engaged in the fabrication of Nomadic Vehicle that I became acutely aware of a certain porosity of the limen between making and thinking. That is to say–finally–a liberation of thinking in the face of what had alarmingly seemed a pervasive ossification of my practice (both materially and conceptually). Serendipitously, she who brought me the gift of my eight year hiatus, has been (also finally) working on her Ph.D. dissertation whose subject, it could be said works through the idea of what a “practice” is and does. An odd and timely parallelism because what had come to light, while involved in the fabrication of Nomad (the repetitive mechanics and material manipulations), was a more nimble thought process that lead, ultimately, to a “resolution” of what, until now had been a more nebulous project. To come then is an exhibition of a suite of drawings/paintings (not at all resembling the image above) whose conceptual aporia has been more or less resolved. The initial drawings, begun some fourteen years ago, have found a conceptual focus where these vehicles can now truly take flight. Coming soon….